Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jersey Shores

Saturday, Dennis and myself headed to Branch
Brook Park in Newark, New Jersey.

We fished here last year and expected to
be able to fish in an area where fish would be

When we arrived we saw chain link fences all
around the area we wanted to fish. So we decided
to walk the lake edge to see if there were any
other areas holding fish.

No fish here

The lake is also stocked with rainbow trout

We saw no trout either. We even chummed
for carp and re chummed again but no actively
feeding fish could be found.

While we made the tour we saw this young
Red Tail Hawk lunching on a rodent.

We keep our distance as he ate

After lunch he flew up to a tree branch and
rested in the sun.

Dennis fishing for panfish. At 3:00 o'clock
we packed up and traveled to Harrison, New Jersey.
Harrison has a small pond that is stocked with
rainbows, panfish, carp and koi!

Harrison was no different except for several
white koi. But we paid a heavy price while
trying to catch them. Mosquitoes peppered
us without mercy. At one point there appeared
to be a mist hanging over head, A mist of big
Jersey mosquitoes!

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