Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Meer

I arrived at The Meer, in Central park, just before noon.
My hope was to engage some of the tailing carp that
I had seen there under a layer of duck weed
about a week earlier. This time there was no blanket
of duck weed on the Meer.

Only the south east corner was covered with
green duck weed.

However, I saw no evidence that carp were
active in the clear water. Nevertheless, I chummed
and waited for carp to make their presence known.

And I waited for some indication that carp were
in the area or even in the lake.

Normally when I fish the Meer, I target the
panfish ( blue gills, crappie, bass). On this day
those fish seem to be the only fish active and
ready to be fished.

So I changed my rig. I tied on a #12 Hare's ear
with rubber legs.

I took position on a rock sticking out of the water
and began to use spey casting techniques.

The first Blue gill hit my fly hard and made a sweeping
turn towards 11oth street. I hand stripped him
to hand.

I caught another and another; these were mature
fish, more than seven inches long. I switched flies
and used a #12 green weenie. This fly caught fish
also. Later in the day, I headed to The pool at 103rd street.

There I caught several club size bass using the
green weenie.

By 7:00pm I had walked down to the lake at 72nd
street. I was hoping to catch a carp. But like at the
Meer, carp were inactive.

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