Monday, September 5, 2011

Weequahic Lake

This was my second trip to Newark, New Jersey.
Last year the lake experienced low water conditions.
This year, thanks to Irene the Hurricane, the
lake is overflowing.

Here is an example of the flooding that occurred.
Part of the surface of this 80 acre lake is covered
in a green muck in spite of the aerator but the
water is clear.

I caught blue gills on the west side of the lake.
People were fishing for carp on the west side too.
Thirty pound carp can be caught here.

Notice the plant growth on the lake's surface.
Weedless is the way to fish here in the summer.

I manage to fish for carp here. I had to chum
a small open area that was weed free. I mixed
some ground bait, even used some floating
pellets. Initially, I had no takers but I waited
two hours and applied more chum. With the
water being clear I could see that some of the
chum had been eaten.

I hooked at least two carp that roared off into
the weeds where they were able to break my
6 pound tippet. I also hooked what felt like a
catfish. It too swam for the underwater weeds
and snapped my tippet. So I packed and left.

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