Friday, July 26, 2013

Deer, me no fishing

The heat wave is over and temperatures are lower; only reaching the high eighties.

I took the opportunity to look at Lake Appert located in The Celery Farm.  I saw no farm but
that is the name of the area in New Jersey.

After I arrived I learned that no fishing is allowed in this park. But I saw what looked to be a huge

large mouth bass leap out of the water as I imagined what might have been.

There is a narrow path around the lake but not much else to see.  The area is wild.

There were two of these towers which allow one to look over the lake without the view being
blocked by the weeds.

note the nesting boxes planted in the lake for migratory birds.

On the far side of the lake I saw a doe and her fawn walking along the path in front of me

They seemed to be accustomed to seeing people and continued to walk in front of me without

The fawn would stop to take a look at me and then scamper off to catch up with the doe.

Here is a better photo, more light.

Finally the doe left the path and walked into the brush so that she could take a better look
 at me.  I continued to walk on the path and left the park.

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