Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some more carp

Not much to say here.  I went to a local lake and caught a few.  Fishing had been slow
all week.  So it felt good to come here and catch carp.

I hooked 3 and landed 2 due to a snapped tippet.  These are fun size carp about 2 kilos
or so.  They fight hard like the bigger ones.  At least two runs across the lake and I enjoyed
each run and head shake.

Camera in one hand ,rod under the arm and carp about to be landed. A great way to
end the month.  In the past week I went to 8 new places to fly fish. Some places were bust
and others were fun to fish.

At another part of the lake a group of fly carpers.  A total of 12 carp were caught by
this group with deer hair flies.

Tony started fly fishing for carp about two years ago.  Today he brought his daughter Isabella.
Yes she is a fly carper too!


  1. Nice Bill! were you sight casting to them?

  2. yes. I'm surprised that more fly fishers are not familiar with "clooping" carp. It is the most exciting form of fly carpin. The fly must land in an area the size of a tea cup. However, not all carp waters have carp that "cloop".