Sunday, July 28, 2013

Westwood ho!

Overbrook Park is south of the very large Woodcliff Lake.  Water from Woodcliff flows
into Pascack Brook which passes through this park.  Trout are put into this water several
times a season.  

Looking south in Overbrook Park.

A convenient place to sit since there are no benches

Pascack Brook riffling through the park.  Yellow perch are present.

I traveled to Westwood New Jersey for two more places I have never fished.  The pond pictured
has no name too; and is located in Pascack Brook County Park  It's a short walk from Overbrook.
I'm told there are Bass, carp, crappie and other panfish.  I caught nothing.


  1. I will never understand why people demand trout, especially where thay are bound to die soon. Nice looking waters otherwise.


  2. Many of the ponds & Lakes in New Jersey are stocked several times a season with trout. One of my favorite carp lakes was once stocked with trout. Now It's just carp.