Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Amityville Horror

I've been searching for new places to fish on Long Island.  My search took me to Amityville.
Amityville is known for the series of movies concerning the reported haunted house that is
located in this village.

My Google search of the area lead me to Peterkin Park.  It looked promising.  Once
I got there I looked for signs of fish.   On paper it looked like a good spot for carp.
In reality there are no fish here at all.  This is the real Amityville Horror!

It is shallow and even has an aerator but there is no sign of anything swimming in this
pond.  Nothing..

Just a few kilometers away is Avon Lake.  Now this looks like a lake.  But New York
City is in the midst of a heat wave.  More than three days of temperature above 90F
has made fish inactive during the day.

It also has caused many ponds and lake to have algae blooms.  Algae that ugly green
growth that can cover a lake during hot summer weather.

Here are two swans eating some of the growth surrounding Avon Lake.  Notice
how thick it is.

It was thickest in the south end of the lake.  It covered the lake from shore line to shoreline here.

There are a few open areas and I fished here with a weedless woolie bugger.  I tried
for about an hour but as darkness approached I caught no fish nor saw any fish.

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  1. That's scouting I guess, better luck next time!