Monday, June 17, 2013

Bill and Jay's excellent adventure in Central Park

I fished with Jay today and caught this 14 pounder

Mulberries are out and making carp become vulnerable

Jay with a big and dangerous snapping turtle.  Fortunately he had  his Boca Grip handy.

Can you imagine trying to remove the hook without the Boca Grip?

Carp under the mulberry tree

Another mulberry tree carp.

A fan tail carp taken on the west side of the lake.

Note the unusual tail and long fins.

Mulberry time is a highlight of the carp fishing season.  Be on the lookout for these
berries near a river, lake or pond near you.

Loeb Lake in Central Park needs to install an aerator.  The lake at 72nd street turns
pea soup green every time the warm weather arrives.

Looking south from the west side of Central Park.


  1. You Eastern guys and mullberries, you should know how lucky you are. I'm not a fan of aerators, they use them to try to maintain doomed trout here, which equals people, but in your case... Love the fan tailed fish!


  2. During the summer months it is nearly impossible to fly fish in lakes covered in a heavy layer of algae & duck weed.