Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weasel Brook Park and Main Memorial Park North

I went to Clifton , New Jersey to see a new place to fish.  Weasel Brook is a
tiny place but it has fish.

At first look I thought I had found a dead brook.  On the shallow north side there was no
sign of fish.  On the deeper south side I saw fry and I saw a fish jump out of the water.

As I creeped closer I saw suckers, big ones facing the water flow.  I have not caught one
of these since I was twelve.

I didn't stay around to fish but headed to Main Memorial Park, about two miles north.
The first thing I saw were turtles, lots of turtles sticking out of the water.

The park has a military tank near the water.

There are large mouth bass here and panfish.

It is mulberry time.

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