Friday, June 28, 2013

Fly Fishing at Samuel Nelkin County Park with a cane fly rod

I have been trying to fish new places.  This is another county park that has a small pond.
I was surprised that I never noticed this park before.

What is unusual about this place is that the local people feed the fish and not the Canada geese.

The pond seems to be full of fish.

I guess the fish were feeding on midges because small bass were jumping out of the water
all over the pond!

I used this trip to test my refinished cane fly rod.  It has been re wrapped and re varnished too.

I used a #10 greenie weenie to catch a small carp that was tailing in a corner.  The carp
took the fly hard.   Unfortunately, it fell off the hook as I raised it from the water. 
A cane rod is very strong but still protects the tippet.

Three piece, nine foot, 6 weight cane fly rod.  It looks brand new.  I won it during an e Bay
auction for very little money!

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