Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fly Fishing the Hackensack River

This past week I went to the Hackensack River to see where I could fish for carp.
I believe this is one of the few carp flats in the New York area.  At this point the river
is tidal and the tides determine when you can see the fish feeding.  In the picture above
It is one hour before low tide.

I saw this rabbit too.

This photo was taken on the north side of the flat area.  Do not let the looks fool you.
While it is flat not all of it is solid.  Most of this area is soft deep mud.


Almost completely drained of water

And not a carp to be seen anywhere but this is where they forage.


I returned the next day, several hours before low tide and found water and feeding carp
in the area.

The water level here is more than a meter higher than one hour before low tide.

Here underneath a Mulberry tree, carp are actively feeding on the berries.  The day before
this area was completely drained.

Carp feeding near the surface.

This is a photo of the same flat but now it is covered by water.  I sat here for about an hour
observing carp jumping, tailing and doing what carp like to do.

No more than 7 meters from where I sat there were about twenty carp moving slowly
and leaving bubble trails.

The forecast calls for rain tomorrow with thunder storms; so I will have to wait before
I can wade these mud flats.


  1. Bill - nice, i'm sure you will do well there! looks like a fantastic little spot to sight cast to feeding fish.

  2. The forecast scared me off. I waited the entire next day for rain which never came. So Friday I went to a small pond and hooked a big carp. The water level was no more than a meter at it's deepest part.