Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dry fly fishing for carp

I met Dennis at Central Park to dry fly fish (deer hair pellet flies) for carp. 
This is a lot of fun but it requires accuracy and patience.  Your fly must land in an area a
 little larger than a tea cup.  Deer hair flies float on the surface and resemble many things
that carp eat when they cloop   The flies can be tied in different colors.  I have  flies in red,
blue, green, brown, yellow, grey and white; from size #4 to size #14.

We chummed with a handful of dry dog food and waited for the action to start.

Dennis is the best in the city at catching carp with deer hair flies.  His casts are accurate
and his ability to set the hook is uncanny!

looking north on Loeb Lake on a calm summer night.

Dennis sitting on a big rock ready to set the hook on a unsuspecting carp.

Dennis caught two carp in less than an hour.

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