Saturday, June 8, 2013

Long Island fly fishing for Carp

I went to Rockville Center to look for new places to catch carp.  I've fished some of the Rockville Center
lakes before. I caught a few rainbow trout , perch and a Brook trout!  This time I headed south of
the Long Island  Rail Road train station where two unexplored fisheries existed.

My first stop was at the Mill River park.  I discovered that the water here is brackish and
I had arrived at low tide.  There is not much to see at low tide but a careful inspection of
the shore line did show fry swimming at the water's edge.

Looking east
Looking south

Looking down at the fry swimming (they are about 2.5mm long).

My second stop was at Smith Pond, a large body of almost inaccessible water.  I think
a kayak or some other type of boat is needed to fish this water.  All along the shore were
aquatic plants and roots.

Here is an example of what it looks like.  Only after you reach beyond 7 meters do you
find open water.

Here is a deck that is used for fishing but it is surrounded by lily pads and roots.

I had no choice but to get back on the train and ride to Argyle Lake.  I hooked two small carp
here just a few days ago.  Pictured above is the smaller south pond.  I saw a small koi about
30mm long swimming frantically on the surface.

Looking south at the small pond

Looking east at pond number 2 and Argyle Lake, the larger body of water.

I also saw a koi I believe I caught two years ago in pond #2.  I decided to go with the percentages
 and fish for the common carp that were feeding further from shore.  I did hook a fish and it ran like a freight train.  It ran across the lake twice and tried to bury it self in some root system on the west side of the pond.  I let the line go slack and waited to see if the carp would free itself.  He didn't budge.  Fortunately, I was able to walk to the west side of the pond and release the self imprisoned fish from the roots.  As soon as he was free he ran again this time east.

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  1. What great looking water! You are very lucky with that nice carp, I've tried that with little success. Again, nice water you bring us.